• My goal for you is that you become an impenetrable force in the cage. 

  • My training will help you develop the mindset needed to be an elite goalie.

  • Accomplished through an extensive array of drills and exercises using state of the art equipment and methods, not just taking thousands of shots. ​​

  • My "outside of the box" philosophy helps you learn how to do what you do best....MAKE MORE SAVES!

Goalie Performance Sessions


My goalie performance sessions are geared to the goalies needs. Each middle school, high school and college level athlete will get elite training personalized for them. They will take their performance to the next level. Coaching is combined with sports performance training and uses state of the art technology.  

Goalie Weight Room Training 

Goalies can expect effective workouts in the weight room, which is a place where many goalies are afraid to enter. With my programs and exercises, you will be able to confidently enter and train effectively to become an explosive and elite goalie. 
















Ran helped me improve as a goalie immensely, I’ve been working with Ran since I moved to Cleveland my junior year of high school and have made immense strides since then. His goaltending expertise and advise rocketed my development and helped me get to the next level!

Otto Bergmann

Canisius Ohio'19 State Champion All American

Jack Renillo

Ohio State University 

(St.Ignatius, OH)

In my time training with Coach Kirby, I became the goalie I wanted to be. I began playing lacrosse my freshman year of high school and by the time I left for college I felt I was the best goalie I could possibly be because of Coach Kirby. He helped me excel through his equipment and intense workouts.