Welcome to Ran Kirby Sports Fitness LLC​!

As a multi-sport, four year college athlete, I founded Ran Kirby Sports Fitness to specialize in providing "sport specific" and fitness training to individuals and groups/teams.  Using traditional methods, innovative equipment and state of the art technology, I train individuals and groups, made up of athletes and those not athletically inclined, helping them attain their optimal performance or fitness and lifestyle goals through programs specifically tailored to their goals and abilities.


I focus on three physical training areas:


Sport Specific Performance  

(Lacrosse, Racquet Sports & Recreational & Professional Golf)


My strength and conditioning programs are geared to the needs of each middle school, high school and college level athlete and his/her specific sport. This training provides athletes with the missing link in middle and high school athletic programs, enabling them to enhance their sport development and performance and to take their game to the next level.


For college athletes. programs are designed to complement their collegiate programs while away from campus.


Fitness training for lacrosse, racquet sports and golf is a specialty. Athletes are taught to avoid injury and develop the muscles used in their specific sport and condition themselves to improve their game.  For the professional or low handicap golfer, personalized fitness and golf specific training programs are created to develop the muscles used in the swing and condition the body to enhance performance and ultimately lower handicaps.


Lacrosse Coaching

Lacrosse coaching provides developing lacrosse players with the training and techniques that can take their game to the next level.  Coaching is combined with strength & conditioning training and uses state of the art technology to obtain the optimal result.  Young players from 5th grade - 12th grade in high school as well as college athletes can benefit from this training. 


Sport Strength & Conditioning

(One on One & TeamTraining)

Individuals can enhance their fitness through either personalized programs or group training.  For athletes, specific conditioning is provided to enable them to maximize their sports performance potential regardless of the sport.  For non-athletes, programs are designed to help them achieve their lifestyle goals while avoiding injury.















TRX Lacrosse Specific Training Drills used in Ran's training programs 


Ran teaching private goalie lesson